Mickeys Stag Night

Posted by Maurice on Mar 10, 2016 in Happiness

It was Johny’s job to arrange the transport to and from the nightclub and my job to arrange the female entertainment for the end of night. It was agreed amongst all of us that we would arrange to meet some Mansfield escorts at the hotel we had booked into after the club closed. There were twenty-two of us on the stag night so I called the agency we had chosen and made the necessary arrangements for five girls to visit us.

When they arrived they all appeared to be drunker than we were. They had probably all been out on the town too. They were great girls and definitely up for a good time. Mickey’s stag night was probably the best we ever had so far. The next one will be Steve’s and the guys have left it up to me to book some girls again. Because they were such good fun, I might give the same girls a call.


Get Over It

Posted by Maurice on Jan 30, 2016 in Beer And Wine

I hate the man that I am with but I love him at the same time. When we are sober we are a team and get along great like best friends. If you add liquor to the monster, it is nothing but evilness! He gave me an engagement ring and I accepted but was not sure if I should say “yes”. Our relationship has been nothing but a rocky road, up and downhill for a long time. All of the evil drugs that come and go are nothing but unhappiness, that is how it goes for anyone. We have two little babies and they see nothing but arguing and fighting but always nothing but love and affection.

My previous relationships are always a problem and it really gets old. The past is the past and get over if for real….. My only friends that I can turn to are the Nottingham escorts to confide in and trust!


It’s The Way I Do it

Posted by Maurice on Jan 1, 2016 in Happiness

I love living a life full of fun and excitement. I cannot take boring and I definitely can not take a room full of quiet people. For some reason conversations and live concerts really get my blood pumping and give me a reason to live my day to day life. I am not married and I do not have any kids, therefore I have nothing else to look forward to. Every Friday and Saturday evening I spend my evenings at a local club where I meet with friends or try and make new ones. I don’t think anyone could ever have to many friends. Just last night actually I made a great new friend who just so happens to work with Leicester escorts. She was a lovely lady if I may say so myself. I even got her number and was told to give her a call sometime. The whole situation gave me more confidence and willingness to throw myself out there in the world.


Daughter Drama

Posted by Maurice on Jul 18, 2015 in Self Sufficiency

My daughter moved in two weeks ago and she is driving me crazy! Her and her boyfriend split up just about every month and she always comes running right back home. I had my house all to myself and my local shags, she threw a little wrench into my system.

The main problem for her is that he is a very jealous and insecure person. She is bartender at a high class club in our area and he sits at her work for her entire shift. He watches every move of these wealthy men and then he throws it in her face later in the evening to start an fight.

I keep telling her to give one of those nice gentleman a chance and go out on a date. She would probably be surprised on how great that she would actually be treated. She claims that she is thinking about it but who knows.


The Hottie Next Door

Posted by Maurice on Jun 16, 2015 in Gay and Lesbian

Why is gay dating such a difficult activity? Why must we as women get all dressed up in our finest clothes? Why must we take an hour to fix our hair and another hour to fix our faces? Why can’t we just go as we are? I want to go out with that hottie who moved in next door. But why can’t he just accept me just as I am? I am beautiful without all the ornaments, baubles, and bangles. I can be a natural beauty without having to try. Because, that gorgeous specimen sure doesn’t have to try very hard to be beautiful. I have seen that body work out on his weight machines in the middle of his living room. Wow, he makes my heart flutter! Now, let’s see if I can make his do the same. Time to get to work!


I Needed a Good Laugh

Posted by Maurice on Nov 11, 2014 in Happiness

I got a good laugh last night on my way home from work. I was walking past the local pub when I saw a group of younger boys standing out front telling stories and horrible jokes. The one thing that stood out to me and stayed fresh in my memory was one of the boys saying that he likes to fuck local girls on a daily basis. I just don’t how see that sounds even remotely cool to his friends. Back in my day, respecting women was what was cool. Everything has changed so much since I was younger, and I can’t help but wonder what this world will be like in another ten years. Honestly, I think parents need to step it up and put more efforts into their parenting so their kids grow up to be respectful and at least half way decent.


Personal Delivery

Posted by Maurice on Nov 5, 2014 in Relationships

I deliver about four hundred newspapers to residential homes weekly, it does not matter if it is raining, snowing or sunny it has to be done on time. The papers actually get dropped off on my porch and all I have to do is bag them up and deliver to proper locations. My check is pretty decent as I use this job for extra income and money to blow.

One of my fuck buddies lives on the route that I deliver the papers to and she started getting the paper. Twice a week, I personally knock on the door to deliver her paper and she always invites me in. She usually makes me some lunch and makes sure that I have plenty of drinks to stay hydrated.

Half of the time I get lucky and she will offer to give me a body massage and she knows which areas on my back that are screaming for attention.


A Night At The House

Posted by Maurice on Oct 4, 2014 in Addiction

When I am ready to hang out with my fuck buddy for the night, I always plan ahead of time. We usually hang out at my house so I make sure that my house is spotless, I spend about 4 hours cleaning. I look through my cookbook and pick out a nice dinner to make and then we eat it by candlelight. The day before I always stop at the video store and rent a couple porns for us to watch, that always sparks up the mood!

The flirting usually starts at dinner and then we are intimate all night long. I like hanging out with only one companion because I can focus on making her happy so that she always wants to come back for more. Sometimes I surprise her with a little gift of flowers or a card, I just keep it simple! She is always so happy and I like to put a smile on her face.